One thought on “Living with water shortages

  1. I remain convinced that you are a fictional character written by an Oxford don who has been radicalized to social action but feels s/he has to hide it. By “don” do I mean “teacher” or “the head of an organized crime family”? Is there a difference?

    I am an evolutionist, and I know that the consequences of natural and social selection are too much to envision/endure toto. During slavery, many in owners’ families thought slaves were treated well and that it was best for them to be slaves. The same fictions are believed in less strak circumstance. Some people want to break through these barriers, for others and themselves; ultimately, the world is better off–but it is not grateful, really, not at the time or later. Actually just ten minutes before reading this post I came across this quote I had taken from James Madison (c 1786); “Were slaves freed and the right of suffrage extended to all, the operation of government might be very different.” To the loss of many. We need to have someone responsible for what human evolution has made.

    The occupation is lensed as “total war” so that its consequences can be accepted without guilt. I would have been harder to do this without suicide bombers, but there you go. You represent the cognition that total war fails as explanation which is solace and endurance. You are also British, not Palestinain (er, as a fictional character), and much of your efficacy comes from living in two (or more) worlds. Greg Pollock, preacher.

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